Thrown onto the stage by the local church group at the age of 10, an acting career began. "I was scared shitless, 10 years old, in front of 500 people". It was something out of a wild dream that instilled a bit of confidence into the young man. Picked up by Stewart Talent in Chicago, Joel was working steadily as a boy, appearing in hundreds of commercials and films.

Things went on hold as he pursued sport and University. After studies in Illinois and Vienna, Austria, Joel made his way to Prague and was picked up by American super-agent Maya Kvetny and her "MyrnyxTyrnyx" agency. He picked up where he left off, landing many commercials and films over the next couple of years.

Joel appears as Travis Hanson in George Lucas' "Red Tails". He has also worked with directors Wong Kar Wai (My Blueberry Nights) and Brad Bird (Ratatouille, The Incredibles, Mission Impossible 4), as a Stand in for Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, respectively.